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Safety Measures to Enhance Security in Your Home

Do you live in the United States but enjoy frequent trips to other countries? Are you looking to purchase a home in a place like Portland, or maybe remodel your current home and build from scratch somewhere else? Construction costs have been rising in homes over the past five years. If you don't add the correct equipment to your home, you could have a security breach. Security breaches are becoming more prevalent. Below are safety measures to enhance protection in your new home from the cost of a security breach.

Security Cameras

Cameras are a great visual deterrent for criminals. They also reduce the likelihood of a break-in because people tend to be reluctant to enter places that have been thoroughly recorded. Cameras can be used both indoors and outdoors. Security cameras should be connected to motion detectors and recorded promptly. Ideally, they will also allow you to monitor the recording through your computer. Finally, you should have remote access to your system to review the recordings remotely even if you are not home.

Good Doors

Having the right doors is a good option to protect your home. They can be installed on an exterior door or glass window. The difference between a barn door and a regular door is that one swings open and one slides open. Barn doors are easy to install; you only need a screwdriver. A custom barn door is easy to install and customize, and they can lock. They are easy to use and incredibly strong. Sliding barn doors come in various styles and colors to match your home's décor.

Motion Sensor Lights

Motion detectors are sensors that can detect motion. The motion detector senses the movement and triggers a light source to turn on. Motion sensor lights offer rapid response times and help protect your home from intruders. There are three main types of motion detectors:

  • Magnetic sensors that use magnets to detect movement
  • Infrared sensors use infrared light
  • Passive optical sensors or "PIR"s. PIRs respond to changes in heat by sensing body temperature as a heat signature within its range

With a motion detector, you can ensure that your home is well-protected at night while deterring people from your house.

Home Alarm Systems

The public has trusted home alarm systems for years. It is one of the best measures to protect your home, a benefit that can significantly add value to your life and your family's safety. A modern home alarm security system will keep you informed about what's happening in your home no matter where you are. Many owners have alarm systems installed with cameras to enhance security measures.

Invest in Cyber-Security

There are multiple ways to secure your home virtually. The first method is to install a firewall, which prevents intrusion by hackers. A second way is to have a secure router and Internet connection. Make sure you update your anti-malware software and run scans regularly on your PC, smartphone, and tablet. Finally, make sure you use a password manager that generates random passwords for every site you visit, so even if a hacker does get access, they will not get very far!

Encrypt All Devices

The first rule of online security is to encrypt everything, from your computer to your smartphone. It is a method for encoding information using cryptography (an algorithm). Encryption can take many forms, the most common being a virtual private network (VPN), in which data are encrypted as they travel across the internet. It is another method of encrypting data stored on USB flash drives and hard drives and encrypting emails sent across networks.

Install Fire Detection and Smoke Detectors

Fire is one of the direst threats to any household. That's why fire detection and smoke detectors are necessary for all dwellings, whether old, new, or built. Smoke detectors should be placed at strategic locations where there are flammable items and fire risks, such as kitchen, electrical wiring, water heater, and furnace. Moreover, it is also advisable to install smoke detectors in each room with enough spacing between them and at least one on every level of your home.

Light Your Landscape

For security enhancement, it is essential to improve its visibility. Proper lighting in and around your home enhances visibility. Installing motion-activated flood lights in front of your house will do the trick. Motion-activated flood lights are powered by a photocell that automatically turns on when it senses motion and turns off when no longer needed. It also helps keep you safe by illuminating pathways or discouraging trespassers.

With the cost of living and property values constantly struggling to stay above the average homeowner's budget, it is important to be proactive and take precautions against theft, vandalism, and fire. Security systems are an excellent way to improve safety at your home.