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Fences for a More Secure Home

If you are looking for ways to improve your home security, fencing is a great option as it will improve not only the security but also alter the appearance of your home too. There are lots of options available, depending on the look you want and the amount of security you require. Here are some tips that you should consider before choosing your new fences.

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Whilst privacy fences may seem like a great option, they can actually make your home a target for burglars, as they provide a hiding place. It is actually better to go for see-through options because whilst you may not like people looking in, you have more of an advantage if you can see out. If privacy is important to you then you can consider this advice - add a trellis to the top of your privacy fence and get on your gardening gloves to plant some thorny, prickly plants. Adopting that shelter dog your kids have been pining over will also add extra security, as a barking dog is a great burglar alarm.

Hard to Climb

If you don’t want anyone climbing over your fence, then you should make it very hard to do so. Ideally, you should choose fences that are at least 8-feet-tall but be sure to check property guidelines and regulations in your city or area first, as some places have restrictions on fence height. You should avoid fences that can become ladders by opting for fences that have as few horizontal bars as possible. Choosing fences that have spikes or points on the top will also act as an excellent deterrent, but you can easily improve existing flat-topped fences by installing razor wire or anti-climb spikes.


Your fence should be the perimeter around your home that unwanted visitors cannot bypass, so the strength and resilience of your fences is also important. Companies such as Northland Fence offer several options to suit most residential buyers, so it can be easy to make quick and worthwhile improvements to your home’s security.

Consider the materials used in your fence, as some common fences such as chain-link can be weak to burglary tools like bolt-cutters. Making sure the fence is secure with suitable footings such as concrete will also ensure the effectiveness of your fence. A barrier is useless when there is a gap, so a gate that is just as strong as the rest of your fence is essential. Make sure to have strong and secure locks on the gate too - heavy-duty padlocks boost the security.

Ornamental Fences

If you are restricted by regulations, but still want to improve your home’s security, even a short fence can work as a hurdle and deterrent to potential, unwanted visitors. Although it isn’t as useful as high, maximum security fencing, it still boosts security. As long as you remember to use strong, padlocked-gates, even ornamental fencing can be effective. You make a burglar’s getaway harder by providing a hurdle that will slow down their escape. It is more likely your neighbors will notice someone climbing your fence than if they were to simply walk up to your door.

Whilst it may be more expensive, using a fence company that provides good-quality fences in strong materials is the better option to ensure your fences have a long life.