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How to Keep Your Home Office Safe

Working from home is a dream for many people. After all, what isn’t to love about the lifestyle? No more having to drag yourself out of the house in the morning, no fighting against other commuters and rush hour traffic, it must be pure bliss, right? Well, while it certainly has its advantages, for many people, it can also introduce some new stresses.

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A home office might resemble a corporate office very closely, but it might also contain all manner of valuable equipment. For example, a professional DJ may well have some very expensive audio equipment in their home office. A manual laborer may have some expensive tools that they prefer to keep inside overnight.

Whatever the circumstances, no one with a home office wants to run the risk of their professional life being adversely affected by a home break-in. Here are some simple things you can do to keep your home office safe and secure.

Indoor Locks

We all have locks on the exterior doors of our homes, the ones that separate outside from inside, but relatively few people have locks on their interior doors. If you have a home office that you need to keep safe, putting a lock on the door is a simple and obvious security measure to take. Whether this is a simple key lock, or something more advanced, is entirely up to you. Only you know the value of what lies on the other side. Weight up the value of what’s in your home office with the cost of a good lock.

Shutters on the Windows

Having extra security on your doors is no good if the windows remain an obvious weak point. Metal shutters are an excellent deterrent, and they will stop even the more determined intruders in their tracks. If your home office has any windows, and there are valuable items being stored in there, some strong metal window shutters should be top of your shopping list.

External Home Offices

Not all home offices are located within the main home. In fact, many people choose to construct a small outbuilding to use as their office. This is an excellent idea as it allows you to design the office with security in mind from the very beginning. For example, if you use a building from SteelMaster Buildings, you will have a range of options for ensuring security. And you can be certain that the average burglar won’t be able to break in from the outside through the wall, as they might do with a wooden building.

Motion Alarms

This is the most basic type of alarm system you can buy, but it is also one of the most effective. The sophistication and sensitivity of motion sensor alarms can vary wildly, so you will need to do your research! As the name suggests, these are alarms that automatically trigger when they detect movement. Just be sure the cat isn’t going to trigger it!

If you work from home then, no matter what your job is, you will want to keep the equipment you need safe. Even if your home office consists of just a desk and a laptop, losing that laptop might mean losing your job!