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8 Facts About Australia That Might Surprise You

Moving is a big decision, but moving to another country is a bigger one. Many people around the world are considering moving to Australia today, and perhaps you are one of these. However, before making this decision, you should find out more about relocating to Australia. So here are 8 important facts about the country you might want to know beforehand.

  1. Most of Australia’s population lives on the coast

Most people already know that a large portion of Australia is taken up by desert land. These deserts, while host to a number of wonderful wildlife, is less than comfortable for the human population. The result of this is one where between 80% to 90% of Australians live within 100 kilometers of the coast. This means that most of you newly moving to Australia will likely find yourself within close distance of the country’s many wonderful beaches. Additionally, this living habit makes Australia one of the countries with the most urbanized coastal dwelling population.

  1. Over 90% of Australia is covered in vegetation

This will probably surprise many who have read the above and now consider Australia to be filled with deserts devoid of all life. This is not the truth at all, as you will find that nearly 7 million square kilometers of the country is actually covered by vegetation. This astounding figure means that over 90% of Australia is populated by a number of hugely diverse plants and trees, many of which can be found nowhere else in the world.

  1. The 6th largest country in the world

At 7.6 million square kilometers, Australia is the 6th largest country in the world. This might be considered a bit of cheating as Australia is also a continent. This large landmass occupies the world’s 3rd largest ocean territory, which covers 12 million square kilometers and spans 3 oceans. This amazing territory is occupied by over 20 million people.

  1. Highest proportion of migrants in the world

Many countries in the world boast diversity in their population and their appreciation of migrants. And while others might have a higher migrant population, Australia still has the highest proportion in a developed nation. Over 25% of the Australian population were born in another country. And this migrant population is itself highly diverse, being found from people of over 200 countries.

  1. Language Diversity

While Australia might seem like a typical country filled English speakers, it is far from it.  Instead, there is a high diversity in the languages spoken which few countries who can compare with.  There are over 200 different languages and dialects spoken in Australia alone. This means that there is a good chance that you will find people who speak your native language while you are there. This number includes an amazing 45 languages of indigenous Australians. The most common languages you will find are English, Greek, mandarin, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Cantonese.

  1. World’s largest Greek concentration, outside of Greece

As we’ve already mentioned, Australia is a land of diversity that freely welcomes people of all nationalities and cultures. However, this tidbit will specifically appeal to those of Greek descent. The only place in the world with a larger Greek population than Melbourne is Athens. So, if you’re Greek and looking for a place that feels like home, you can easily find such a place in Melbourne.

  1. The rich Aboriginal culture

The Aborigines are the natives of Australia and they have a rich culture derived from the very land of the country. This culture has been preserved and shared for tens of thousands of years and through several generations, today it is found in the Indigenous Dream Time. This forms the foundation of aboriginal art, traditions, legends, myths, and folklore. It is a central part of the history of Australia and a fascination to those who are willing to learn and experience it today.

  1. The unique Plants and Animals

Australia is a unique place on this planet, with several forms of life you will not find anywhere else on the planet. Animals such as the koala, the kangaroo, the platypus, and several others are just some of the incredible animals you will only find within the country. The vegetation and the wildlife come together to form unique ecosystems, the like you have never seen before.

The above are only a few of the many wonderful details about Australia, many of these you cannot be told but will have to experience for yourself. However, the above should have told you 2 important details; this is a country accepting of all people and one of unique experiences. And with this, you should know that Australia is one country you will never regret moving to.